Home Design Inspiration Greensboro, NC

Whether you’re doing a small refresh, remodeling or moving into a new home, any new design project starts with the inspiration. From the room’s function to its layout, it can be an amazing and fun experience to review varying interior design ideas. But, it can also get to be overwhelming. For more information about our products and services, visit us in our showroom or peruse our Carpet One by Henry website for more ideas!

When you’re not sure how to begin, we always like to say the best is to start simple. Here are four of our trendiest tips to help you get started on your new room.

Bring the outside in:

Exotic materials like bamboo and cork have found a place in the world of flooring for not only their beautiful appearance but also for their eco-friendly properties. Once you’ve got your floor in place, think about adding accessories to play up the natural feel of the room.

Utilize every inch:

Organization is not just purely about function anymore. It’s actually become a new way to add unique touches to your space while also creating more order. From adding cabinets or shelves under a staircase to hanging painted bowls or jars along your wall, organization has never been more stylish.

Go bright:

A little color here and there can add so much to a room. Another great thing is that color can be used anywhere and in any product. Whether you opt for a bright carpet to give your room an inviting pop, a prominent accent wall with graphic wallpaper or a few colorful throw pillows, the options are endless.

Make it yours:

One of the most important things to remembers is that the space you are designing is yours. Don’t neglect your style inclinations and take inspiration from your favorite things like fruit or flowers. Consider the overall vibe you’d like to come home to, whether it’s industrial, eclectic or regal to make your room the space of your dreams.