Carpet Elements Greensboro, NC

Carpet flooring is the most popular form of flooring in residential properties. With hundreds of different carpeting options, providing you with a way to find what works for your home and your budget. Before you go out and decide what the best kind of carpeting is for your home, you need to understand a few of the elements modern carpets now feature and how to take advantage of each. 

Stain Resistant
Do you have young children or maybe a few pets? If so, you might want to consider the stain resistant option. With a specially designed technology designed to lock the fibers in and external moisture and spills out, your carpet will last longer and maintain its color. While you will still need to have it cleaned to remove odors and dirt from the carpeting itself, this is a great option. 

There is just something about an incredibly soft carpet. When you want to curl up on the carpet to relax, you know it is good. With a SoftStyle carpet, which is designed from microfiber technology, you'll have a quality carpet that takes advantage of both softness and strength. It is a fantastic option for the family room, your bedroom or other areas where you spend a good amount of time without your shoes on. Of course, you'll probably want to walk around barefoot all the time with this kind of carpeting. 
There is a secondary option available here from a different manufacturer. Known as Innovia Touch, this is an eco-friendly carpeting that uses soft fibers to give you that excellent feel. It is soil resistant and does help block out some stains. This is because it uses a specially crafted filament within the carpet to block out absorption of stains. 

How to Decide
So what carpet style is right for you? It really comes down to your location and the lifestyle. Do you live somewhere where dirt and dust constantly flow inside? Maybe you have a young family with children running around and pets in hot pursuit. The right carpet really comes down to your current lifestyle and what you intend for the future. 
These are just a few of the different carpeting options available to you. Deciding on what works best is completely up to you, but with so many looks, feels, colors and features, you are sure to find something best suited for your flooring needs.