Area Rugs

6 Awesome Advantages to Using Area Rugs

Area rugs not only protect the investment of the flooring you’ve installed underneath, they also provide a stylish accent that can be customized to fit any taste. Here are six of our favorite reasons to use area rugs:

Cushy and Soft

Sometimes walking directly on hard surface flooring can be cold or hard on your feet. Area rugs provide a soft texture and warm feel so you can walk comfortably shoeless through the room.

Wide Price Range

Area rugs are essentially made from the same material as carpet. There are collections of designed area rugs that are higher end, but there are also a ton of remnants in our inventory we can use to custom bind and back a rug for you! Rugs made from carpet remnants are budget-friendly, and you can customize the look you want.

Original and Unique

If bright blue is your color, a bright blue rug it is! Maybe you’re more of a patterned person? Either way, we have plenty of options for everyone. Your home is a place to express your personality and adding a custom area rug is an easy way to make a room pop.

Brings it all together

Area rugs can be used as the stylistic focal point of a room. They can add a lot to an otherwise more muted design. Try matching the rug to other accent colors in your room or use opposite colors for a cool contrast.

Protects the floor

Hard surface flooring like hardwood, stone and ceramic tile is a big investment. From high heels to furniture to kids running around, sometimes it pays to add a little protection. Area rugs can not only help hold furniture in place, they will also ensure that the flooring underneath stays fresh. Make sure to back your area rug with cushion to keep the carpet protected as well.

Muffles loud sounds

While hard surface flooring often accentuates sounds, area rugs actually absorb them. Area rugs are a great solution for high traffic rooms, especially if there is a lot of activity going on early in the morning or late at night.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about area rugs! Call us or come in to learn more today.