Pet Friendly Flooring Greensboro, NC

Today is a great time to think about about your home decor. Flooring options have never been greater, and the range of budget-friendly choices makes it easy to find an appropriate style, no matter what style you prefer.

But what if you have pets?

Households with dogs and cats have some special requirements.

High energy large dogs are apt to have muddy feet and track in grit and grime from outdoors. Dog's nails can damage susceptible floors, and cats are known for scratching. Spills and accidents are not uncommon. Hair is a constant concern.

If you love your pet, are you limited to vinyl tile?

Look Beyond the Common Choices

Actually, there may be many more choices today than you think.

Pet owners love ceramic or porcelain tiles for a variety of reasons. However, grout can stain and crack. Hard surfaces like tile and stone can be hard on the feet and back, are sometimes slippery, and are unforgiving if you drop something breakable.

Covering a hard surface with an area rug can have its own disadvantages, whether you own a pet or not. However, room size rugs of natural fiber like sisal or jute can be practical and affordable. And throwing a real cowhide on the floor is not only trendy, but pet friendly as well. And your furry friend will love to curl up on it!

Real hardwood flooring is a beautiful choice, but maintenance can be demanding; pet owners worry about scratching and staining of expensive wood surfaces.

Sustainable bamboo is a modern option that can be formal or casual, depending on the look you prefer. It is durable, scratch resistant, repels most liquids and resists staining if properly finished. 

Cork is another old material with modern appeal. Not the soft variety used for bulletin boards, cork flooring can be attractive and durable, provides a cushioned surface and has sound-absorbing properties. It's easy to sweep and mop -- worth considering if you're a pet owner.

Any flooring options that allow you to replace pieces if necessary are good ones for pet owners; even carpet squares can be practical. Think commercial grade, low pile carpet for any space that encourages active play with children and pets. It's easy to remove and replace individual pieces.

Vinyl tile boasts similar advantages, and modern vinyl can flaunt its own good qualities, or mimic any look you desire, from wood planks to patterned mosaics, even antique paving stones.

So, the answer is: "No, you're in no way limited by your pet."