Tile Flooring

Tile at Carpet One By Henry

As simple as tile is, Carpet One By Henry offers a wide assortments of tile types, which includes ceramic, porcelain, and stone. You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of options. Luckily, our design professionals are available to help you decide on the perfect tile floor that fits your homes vision.


Many homeowners have fallen in love with tile floors because of their stunning looks and natural elegance. Tile can easily transform any space and is easily adaptable to any style of décor. Thus, tile is the ultimate investment in your home due to its ability to conform to your ever changing home décor.


Tile provides the look of strength, but does it mean that its looks correlate with its durability? The answer is yes. Tile is considered to be the most durable floor available. Not only does it stand up to the everyday wear and tear from kids and pets running around, but will stand up to water, food, and other stains. Tile is easy to clean and maintain, which makes it the perfect floor for those high traffic areas. Bathroom’s moisture and mudrooms dirt and mud are easily resisted by tile.

It should also be noted that tile is incredibly versatile. Whether it be for adding a statement to a wall, a backspalsh in your kitchen, or for bathroom showers, tile can be used almost anywhere.

Tile is a timeless look, and with our wide selection of ceramic, porcelain, and stone floors available, you will be leaving our store with confidence knowing you made the right investment on your home.

To learn more about tile, and our entire inventory, contact Carpet One By Henry today or visit our store in Greensboro, NC.