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Hardwood Flooring Store in North Carolina

Here at Carpet One by Henry located in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we know the importance of finding the best flooring for your home. Hardwood flooring has long been a flooring favorite, noted for its beauty and durability. Hardwood flooring even adds value to your property, so it truly is a gift that keeps on giving. However, hardwood is not always the best choice for certain homes with factors like humidity playing a role in how well hardwood flooring performs and lasts. To see if hardwood, and what type, is right for you continue reading to learn more about the different types of hardwood flooring, and how humidity affects hardwood, and once you’re ready, check out our hardwood flooring selection.


Types of Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring comes in many looks and colors that complement a variety of styles like rustic farmhouse and mid-century modern. Hardwood flooring comes in so many style and color variations thanks to the variety of trees the wood is harvested from. More traditional hardwood floors include oak, maple, walnuts, and more. For a more exotic look, cherry and mahogany are unique, rich hardwood flooring options. Every type of hardwood has its unique grain, color, shine, and texture, and features like plank length and width can play into the overall look of hardwood. In addition to this, there are two main types of hardwood flooring on the market solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is your traditional, natural wood option, and engineered is an engineered piece of wood. Each has its pros and cons that factor into which is the right choice for you.


Solid Hardwood Flooring








Engineered Hardwood Flooring (made of 3 to 7 layers of composite wood):









How Does Humidity Affect Hardwood?


Living here in North Carolina, you are probably familiar with the drastic weather changes throughout our four seasons. The various swings in humidity can even happen in a matter of hours and while this can make for annoyance, it can also cause real issues for your hardwood flooring. High and low moisture levels can cause solid hardwood floors to expand and contract which can result in warping and buckling. Solid hardwood flooring is not recommended for moisture-prone rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, since these rooms pose a greater risk for moisture-related issues. If you are still set on the look of hardwood in rooms like these and you don’t have climate control to control the moisture levels, consider engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood is designed with style and durability in mind. Thanks to manufacturing advancements, engineered hardwood can mimic the exact look of hardwood flooring while improving upon it by making it water-resistant. This means that you can enjoy the look of hardwood without the worry of warping or buckling.


Hardwood Flooring Installation


As with all flooring installations, proper installation of hardwood flooring ensures proper performance and longevity. Aside from moisture, a rushed or incorrect installation can cause your hardwood floors to not look or perform their best, even causing improper wear. Worse, some damages caused by improper installation may not be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. There’s no need to worry when you choose Carpet One by Henry because, in addition to our great selection of hardwood flooring, we have an in-house team of top installers who are efficient and detail-oriented. We also have an amazing selection of warranties that protect you and your floor from damages and consequent headaches.



Our Hardwood Flooring SelectionHere at Carpet One by Henry, we want you to find the perfect hardwood flooring just as much as you do! We offer a large selection of hardwood flooring from top quality brands including Carpet One exclusive brands like Baroque, Karastan, Anderson Tuftex hardwood, and Bruce Hardwood that you won’t find anywhere else. While we primarily focus on engineered hardwood flooring, we also carry some solid hardwood flooring options as well as unfinished wood through our sand & stain services. Our sand & stain services are top-quality services that mean you don’t have to settle for the exact look and color of hardwood that you want. When you shop with us you can rest assured, that you’re in good hands. Our flooring experts are here to guide you every step of the way, from selecting the right hardwood flooring through installation. Come to one of our showrooms in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to talk to our knowledgeable staff and view our hardwood flooring options in person, or start browsing our hardwood flooring selection online now to get started





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Caring For Hardwood


Our tips and tricks will keep your hardwood flooring looking beautiful for years to come.



Our Warranties


Protect your hardwood floors and yourself with our exclusive warranties meant to fit your lifestyle.



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